Luxury Natural Wax Candle - Fig & Cassis

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We are proud to put our name on these candles for several reasons;

We have made every effort to create a luxury product that gives a sense of well being, is an attractive item for the home whilst being conscious of the environment it is intended for; Therefore we have made these candles using Soya wax which is reputably the cleanest and most natural ingredient because it gives a clean burn and does not have the same pollutants associated with some cheaper paraffin waxes.

We use fragrances that are more natural than they are synthetic but still provide a beautiful aroma in any room. To add to the attractiveness of the product we have hand engraved designs on each individual candle 30cl container so that it can be recycled into a beautiful low ball glass.

A polished silver lid protects the candle from dust or moisture and helps retain the fragrance.

This particular candles comes with a Fig and Cassis fragrance: An elegant and delicate aroma that is sweetened with Fig and Berry warmed by base notes of Cedarwood and enriched with the floral character of Hyacinth.



Our candles have a minimum burn time of 20 hours although we recommend that candles are not lit for longer than 4 hours at a time.