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Christmas is Coming

Posted by Caroline Neill on 30th Nov 2021

Firstly, many apologies for the long gap since I last blogged. I have been pre-occupied with illustrating the children’s book I am creating and I will not lie, it is taking a lot longer than I intende … read more


Posted by Caroline Neill on 11th Aug 2021

Fear. It’s there in me currently, fear of not being able to achieve what I want to. I am about to start a new project of illustrating a children’s book I have written. I have written novels for adul … read more

Preparations, Preparations, Preparations

Posted by Caroline Neill on 31st Jul 2021

After a 20 month retreat, Willow Fine Arts are about to resume trading at events. It has felt like an age and to be honest, we are a little trepidatious! The nerves are similar to going back to a new … read more

Capturing Landscape Atmosphere

Posted by Caroline Neill on 27th Jul 2021

The last three weeks have been eventful, with the joyous mayhem of the impending school holidays about to descend upon the calmer working day, there has been a flurry of activity with a mixture of art … read more

I paint how I cook!

Posted by Caroline Neill on 30th Jun 2021

I paint in a similar manner to how I cook. I’d be interested in learning whether this is a common amongst artists and creative people or whether it is just an eccentric quirk of my own.I enjoy cooki … read more