The first blog of 2022!

The first blog of 2022!

Posted by Caroline Neill on 8th Jan 2022

Welcome to the New Year 2022! Ed and I wish you all a great year that is full of sunshine, promise and good fortune! We hope to update forthcoming events later this year after we have confirmed our annual schedule.

In the meantime, we are very pleased to update you that our Greeting Card range will very soon be expanded with an additional 40 designs. It has been a long time coming for which I apologise but there will be new additions added throughout the year.

There will also be new prints available as I am working on new ideas. I will still be working on the children’s book so there may not be many new artworks to begin with, but new pieces will be added and the online shop will be updated regularly.

So, cheers to the New Year to you all!