Sandstorm Triptych - Canvas Prints

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Painted with acrylic on canvas in a looser and more fluid style than most of the Willow Fine Arts portfolio, this series of 3 paintings depict grey horses galloping on a beach.

This canvas triptych includes the paintings entitled 'Sandstorm', 'Sandstorm 2' and 'Sandstorm 3', which can also be found and purchased separately on Willow Fine Arts.



This triptych artwork is currently available in 2 size options as follows:

Size 1: 12inch Height (Sandstorm 12"x12", Sandstorm 2 - 12"x8", Sandstorm 3 - 12"x12")

Size 2: 14inch Height (Sandstorm 14"x14", Sandstorm 2 - 14"x10", Sandstorm 3 - 14"x14")


The reference photo image, used as inspiration for Sandstorm has been used under license from