Vigilance - Lockdown 2020 - Print

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Lockdown 2020 - Abstract Expressions

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and the subsequent lockdown has  given us all time for reflection.

The human response to the crises has inspired a series of abstract paintings representing  the various shared emotions that have carried us through times of difficulty.  
We recognise that life is strengthened by the appreciation and recognition of a universal spirit.

 This abstract representation of Vigilance is demonstrated by a watchful Hare who is highly aware of its surroundings without giving the impression of unease; a state of mind that we have had to adopt also.  Less emphasis has been spent on the relatisitc detail of hare instead quick applications of acrylic paint was made direct onto the canvas to portray feeling rather than visual accuracy.


This print is available as either a stretched canvas or a mounted /framed print in various sizes.  

*Please be aware aspect ratios vary for different size mounts and therefore the final presentation of the print will vary.