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Lockdown 2020 - Abstract Expressions

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and the subsequent lockdown has  given us all time for reflection.

The human response to the crises has inspired a series of abstract paintings representing  the various shared emotions that have carried us through times of difficulty.  
We recognise that life is strengthened by the appreciation and recognition of a universal spirit.

Our need to be part of a family, social circle, or a community, has never felt so important, especially since our companions have often had to stay away during the Lockdown of 2020 or 2021.
As we have endured the effects of the pandemic in 2020, we have had to seek comfort or reassurance that our friends and family are there in heart and mind even if they cannot be there physically. Loyalty has been an important blessing that has been appreciated and it has ensured a sense of survival amongst the lonely and vulnerable in much the same way as it does for animals that rely on being part of a pack.  These affectionate wolves have for this reason, been chosen to depict the concept of Loyalty. 

The painting is painted using a pallet knife to apply impasto acrylic paint. It is absent of any embellishment or detail for it is the message that is the focus rather than realistic detail.


This print is available as either a stretched canvas or a mounted /framed print in various sizes.  

*Please be aware aspect ratios vary for different size mounts and therefore the final presentation of the print will vary.